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Anyone facing the end of a marriage needs a trusted litigation team led by respected divorce attorneys. Too often there simply isn’t a level playing field between the parties, and you absolutely need solid representation if you want to protect your children and your assets. What is equally important, though, is the ability to resolve disputes without litigation. Think about it: attorneys either advertise their “litigation prowess” or their “ability to settle cases.” In either situation you know ahead of time what is going to happen. You are either certain to end up in court because the attorney litigates all of his or her cases or, in the other instance, you are going to settle, likely for less than you deserve. In one instance you spend way too much of your time and money, potentially causing serious emotional and financial harm by unnecessarily over-using the courts. In the other instance, your lawyer will likely cost you money by settling too quickly and for too little, because the lawyer is afraid of the courtroom.


A great divorce attorney is an advocate and a counselor. A great divorce attorney is a persuader and a litigator who walks shoulder to shoulder with you through your adversity, counseling you along the way and advising you at every turn. Litigation is costly and too many firms (they know who they are) take large retainers, instigate a fight that must be met head on, and leave a wake of financial wreckage and emotional pain that remains for many years and often longer. The right approach is to use litigation as a means to an end. It’s one tool available to the skilled divorce attorney, and sometimes it is necessary, but it is used strategically and in furtherance of specific and defined goals. When children are involved, you must remember that you both will be co-parenting for life…and that’s very challenging when you both hold resentments for years because your lawyer persuaded you to fight to the end.


We are an independent law firm and we advocate and litigate for both men and women. You will find throughout this website our vision and philosophy. We are passionate about family law and, if anything, we are a “Family Rights Firm” as parental rights and parenting time are paramount. We communicate clearly and effectively, continuously keep you informed and updated, and always focus on your goals. We honor our clients with fearless and comprehensive legal representation, and we welcome the opportunity to serve our future clients.

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