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Electricity – The Most Underrated Asset


Without electricity our pubs wouldn’t run. Or at least run as well as we’d want them. Sure, there have been many successful pubs in the past without electricity but that’s not the point.

Those pubs compared to today’s pubs have a night and day difference. With today’s pubs, there’s so much to do and it runs much more efficiently.

Who actually created this magical thing called electricity?


No one knows for sure who created electricity but some people believe it was Benjamin Franklin.

The story goes something like this…

Benjamin was out one day flying his kite when suddenly electricity struck his kite. From there on, Benjamin believed lighting was made up of electricity and he ventured out on creating it. Sure, the story may not go like this exactly and you can find a better story teller for sure, however, you get the point.

Electricity can solve the world’s problems

oil rig

No, I don’t mean electricity will solve every single problem in the world but never the less it can still solve problems. For example, a major problem electricity can solve is the energy crisis.

You see, the world is burning an incredible amount of fossil fuel, this is causing pollution, climate change, natural disaster and wars for these resources. Yes, you read correctly, “wars”.

Despite how sugar coated countries make the war in the middle east and claim they’re bringing peace, a person with half a brain cell would realise it’s just a cover-up to steal resources.

Electricity can be created through solar energy. This simply means energy/electricity can be created by using the Sun.

By transitioning to solar energy as fast as possible may be the greatest thing ever. Not because it’s a cleaner way to consume energy but because it would solve a lot of wars in the world.

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