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Phone psychic expert releases several books

Craig Hamilton-Parker’s latest book is titled ‘Opening to the other side’ and will be available in the USA from Fall 2005 and soon after in the UK. The book is about how to develop your own psychic and mediumistic powers. As well and many easy to understand psychic tests and experiments to try, the book includes many intriguing real life psychic stories. Included also is an in-depth look at the psychic life of Princess Diana and tells the story of Craig’s Psychic SchoolNEWSPAPER SERIAL RIGHTS ARE AVAILABLE. Czheck Craigs new company at

All of the books below are still in print. More details and copies available from The Psychic Shop


What To Do When You Are Dead (Sterling 2000)
What happens after death? What is the afterlife like? Craig’s popular and sensible book explores the next life and the implications of mediumship.

Protecting the Soul (Sterling 2004)
Safeguarding your sensitivity and protection from bad spirits, negative energy, voodoo etc. A sensible approach to your spiritual fears.

The Psychic Workbook (Random House/Vermilion 1995)
The easy way to develop your psychic powers. Craig’s first book explains psychometry, aura reading, tarot and more

Your Psychic Powers (Hodder & Stoughton 1996)
The basics of ESP and mediumship. Get started developing your powers with this beginner’s guide.

The Psychic Casebook (Blandford 1999)
Craig’s book that explores the paranormal including ghosts, hunting’s, spirit return, Sai Baba and coincidences plus the story of Craig and Jane’s path to becoming TV mediums

The Intuition Pack (Godsfield 2000)
Fast track your psychic development with these easy to use book and cards designed to awaken the intuition and psychic powers. This is an easy way to get started with clairvoyance


Psychic Dreaming (Sterling 2005)
You will be amazed at what dreams can reveal about you, your life and your future. Discover how clairvoyance unfolds in dreams

The Hidden Meaning of Dreams (Sterling 1999)
An easy to understand book of dreams and dream meanings. Includes hundreds of meanings together with the psychological and mystical meanings. Also experiments with lucid dreaming and out of body dreams

Remembering your Dreams (Sterling 2000)
Use your dreams to unlock your psychic powers and explore past lives. Remember the past and the future. Includes dream tests and meanings.

Fantasy Dreams (Sterling 2002)
How fantasy and illusion can distract us from our spiritual goals. The meaning of fantasy in dreams and everyday life.

Unlock your secret Dreams (Sterling)
The keys to discovering the meaning of your dreams and accessing hidden memory.


The Timeless Wisdom of the Tibetans (Hodder & Stoughton 1999).
Unravel the mysteries and wisdom of Tibet. An intriguing insight into the meaning of life and how to apply wisdom to everyday situations. Includes Tibet’s healing philosophy and techniques.


Opening to Auric Light (Self Published)
Top selling CD. A beautiful CD of music and talk that will help you to deeply relax and enter the spiritual states needed for mediumship and healing.

Celestial Contact (North Star)
A soothing compliment to your spiritual work and meditations with one track featuring the voice of Craig Hamilton-Parker.


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