Change the Filters – Brine Injectors

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Not all the injectors we service have filters this bad but it’s getting more common. I’m not sure what casued the catastrophic failure of the three filters on the left. The one on the right is a new filter for comparison. As you can see on the third filter it’s very dirty. It’s possible that the screen being completely plugged caused it to blow out from the system pressure. Another possibility is fuel additives caused the screen material to fail.


No matter the cause replacement as part of a service is a important. We replace the filters on as part of our service at Mr Injector. If you are servicing the injectors yourself you can get filters at Mr Injector Parts Store.

Now a note on some of the new style fuel injectors The new Brine injectors don’t have a replaceable filter. There is a filter deep in the injector but no way to remove it. It’s manufactured into the injector. We have been cleaning these in an ultrasonic bath and doing a flush as part of our service. So far we have had no problems with this procedure.

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Quality Plumbing services Chicago

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Plumbing issues are never pleasant and never come at a convenient time, if you are looking for a plumber in Chicago and surrounding areas we can take care of your issue in no time. We rely on our kitchen and bathrooms daily, and when we experience a leaky sink, a clogged toilet or shower drain, or a broken faucet it can be inconvenient and costly. That’s why it is important to have a local plumber you can rely on to fix these problems for a reasonable cheap price when they arise. It is also important to have an emergency plumber who you can rely on and trust.

A trustworthy plumbing company is crucial because you can never know when an issue will arise. If you are unable to use your bathroom or shower, or run your washing machine or dishwasher it will quickly affect your quality of life in significant ways. Here at Chicago plumbing we are only a phone call away. ​Call us for Plumbing services Chicago Contact us for a plumbing quote Name * First Last Email * Phone Number * Comment * Submit Picture




It is important to verify that you are getting a licensed plumber who is qualified to do the required work, all of our plumbers are fully licensed and insured. It is also important to find a local plumber experienced in handling a variety of big and small issues and here we can assure you that all Chicago plumbing have vast amounts of experience with various plumbing issues. Common issues are toilet repair, faucet repair and shower repair as well as unclogging stubborn clogs. If you are looking for educated and mannerly plumbing professionals look no further. All our employees are Fully qualified journey men who can easily solve any issue you may have in your home or commercial plumbing system. No job is too big or too small and customer satisfaction is our priority.

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How to get indexed Quickly in 2018 – 2020

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So Google recently got rid of the submit to Google snippet. That really annoyed me and just created more things for me to do.

So in this post I wanted to give you some tactics you can implement that will help you get your links indexed.

Social profiles are a fantastic way to get your links indexed. Let’s say you created a web 2.0, by building social profiles to it, not only will it look natural but Google likes to crawl these high authority social sites.

Internal linking

If you already have an established article(s), you can insert links to your other pages and Google will end-up crawling them because the crawlers follow these links.

You see, your more popular posts will most likely have links pointing to them and this signals to Google that your site should be crawled.

Just use the Google search console

If you’re just trying to index your own money site then you can just sign into the Google search console and submit it to index.

So these were the best and easiest ways to get your site indexed.

Ping your links



There are many services that will ping your links for free.

I would recommend using a mass pinger so you go ahead and index all the links you need to.

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Electrical Safety in the Home – What You Should Know

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Get thicker wires

If you have little children, this is a must. You see, children just love to put things in their mouth. If you have something plugged in and they’re just crawling around…

…guess what?

They’re going to out that damn wire in their mouth and start chewing on the blasted thing.

So when you’re out shopping, make sure to shop for electrical items that have thicker wires. You can also shop for other solutions if you already have a lot of electrical items that you don’t want to render unusable.

Don’t put your finger or items into sockets


It’s incredible that I didn’t get seriously damaged because I would do this all the time when I was a kid. This was probably because it tried to put items in there that were too damn big.

If your child is putting something in there like a pin, then he’s probably going to get quite a bloody shock! Make sure to watch the kids and make sure they know that putting items into sockets is naughty.

London electrical certificate:

Get it finished!


If you’re doing electrical work, don’t leave it till tomorrow to get it finished. For example, if you’re fitting in a new electrical socket, don’t leave it exposed.

Make sure you get it finished. Someone could really hurt themselves. If you have a small child then you better make sure you know you can finish the project before you leave or go to sleep.

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Website Design Quote

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