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The information below is post to help you how to increase the life of your oven and use it in the most efficient way, which will save you money from utiliy bills and future One-Call Katy Appliance Repair.


To start the oven self-clean future, use the following procedure:

1. Close the oven door.
2. Make sure that the clock shows the current time
3. Set the selector and temperature control to the right position. The door can be opened if the self-clean program is canceled before the oven go up to 560’F. After the oven reaches this temperature the lock light comes on, the oven door can’t be open until the oven cools below 560°F.
4. Touch the Clean button will appear in the display window. Three hours has been preprogrammed into the cleaning cycle and is the recommended amount of cleaning time for a moderately soiled oven.

The length of the cleaning time can be changed to a longer or shorter period. To adjust the amount of cleaning, touch and hold the Clean Time button. Turn timer knob to increase or decrease the cleaning time. The maximum amount of time that the cleaning cycle can be set is 4 hours. The arrow above the Stop Time button will flash, indicating that the control has automatically set a stop time based on the length of the cleaning time and the time of day.

The clean cycle will start now and shut off automatically. If it is desired to start the clean cycle at a later time and shut down automatically, the stop time which is set by the control must be changed. Touch and hold the Stop Time button. The control window will show the stop time determined by the control. Turn knob until the desired stop time appears in the display window. The stop time can be increased from the stop time set by the control. The arrow above the Stop Time button will glow. The arrow above the Stop Time button will flash, indicating that the cleaning time has been set, but is not visible in the display window.

The steaming pot symbol will glow in the upper left corner of the display. The oven signal will come on and remain on until the oven reaches the cleaning temperature. It will then cycle on and off to maintain the proper cleaning temperature. The oven will heat until it reaches a very high temperature. Soil and spillovers will burn off of the oven surfaces. When the oven reaches the cleaning temperature, the lock light will come on, indicating that the oven door is now locked and cannot be opened until the oven temperature cools below 560’F.
Do not try to open the door when the lock light is on.

When the oven cleaning lime has elapsed, the oven must cool for about 1 hour or until the interior temperature has dropped below 560’F. Only then can the oven door be opened.
To interrupt or cancel a clean cycle, use the following procedure:
1. Touch and hold the Clean Time button. Turn knob until -0:00″ appear, in the display window.
2. If the lock light stays on, the oven is too hot to open the door. Wait until the oven has cooled and the lock light goes out. Do not try to force to open the door. This can damage the automatic door-locking system.

If the door will riot open, use the following procedure:
1. Turn the temperature control and selector to Clean.
2. Wait about 15 seconds for the door to completely lock.
3. Turn the selector to OFF. Wait for the lock light to go off. The door will not unlock until the Oven temperature drops below 560’F.
4. After the door is unlocked, turn the temperature control to OFF”

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