How do I stop false motion detection alerts or triggers on CCTV at night

As with most CCTV systems night time detection or false triggers at night can frequently occur with the increased noise in the image.  This tends to occur with outside or large areas rather than enclosed indoor areas.  While you can change image settings in the DVR systems such as contrast and brightness to reduce these the false triggers at night this may make your daytime images washed out out or over exposed.



Even if you mask out large areas of the frame false triggers or alerts may still occur at night.

One of the best solutions that may reduce false triggers at night is to increase the level ambient  IR light.  This can be achieved by mounting a separate Infra Red Illuminator.

This massively increases the clarity and reduces the noise in the image, which should reduce the false triggers plus it gives you an even further field of vision.

While this may not affect more expensive high end set-ups that have cameras with separate IR Illumination the DVR kits come with cameras that have integrated IR lighting which are around the camera lens, while these work perfectly for smaller areas and indoors you should see a major benefit when adding additional IR lighting.

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