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Being a life time football manager / Championship manager fan boy year to year, I was a little skeptical about paying another full price game this year. I was very happy to find out that Steam sales took 50% off the price, and once again I got to play one of my favorite games year after year. Yes this is like a following of Madden, or FIFA, or any sports game, but I am here to tell you what’s the difference between 2019 and the 2018 that I love so much.



Game Play

Undoubtedly 13 has upgraded the graphic and more realistic physic engine. Players now move smoother and play like a human being instead of AI. Personally I really think 13 and 12 are very similar, but there are something in 13 that just gets me. Any coaches-wanna-be out there know how important transfer market and the excitement of the deadline day. In 13, the game let you, as a coach, join in the fun! The day starts at 15 hours remaining, and you can make your finish push for that forward you desperately needed but just can’t agree on the fund. Every “continue” will count down the hours and let you have a more exciting negotiating transfer deadline.  2nd thing that impresses me is the control of the strategies during the match. More in depth, yet easier to access, options let you yell out your team strategies to your players.

Stats, Tactics, Match

If you have played 2018, everything is back. I haven’t really notice as special changes from 2018, everything kind of looks the same. I just simply googled FM2019 Tactics and found someone else’ tactic that I could download and used. So far my Liverpool is doing fine in the league, but too many injured players!


Bottom Line
If you already have 2018, I will wait til the game goes on sale before buying it. The updated graphic and physic are nice, and the transfer deadline day additional is wonderful. This game is the best football manager sim out there for sure, but that’s pretty easy to do when you have no competition. Still, the game is good, but wait for it to be on sale if you have 2018.


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