Change the Filters – Brine Injectors

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Not all the injectors we service have filters this bad but it’s getting more common. I’m not sure what casued the catastrophic failure of the three filters on the left. The one on the right is a new filter for comparison. As you can see on the third filter it’s very dirty. It’s possible that the screen being completely plugged caused it to blow out from the system pressure. Another possibility is fuel additives caused the screen material to fail.


No matter the cause replacement as part of a service is a important. We replace the filters on as part of our service at Mr Injector. If you are servicing the injectors yourself you can get filters at Mr Injector Parts Store.

Now a note on some of the new style fuel injectors The new Brine injectors don’t have a replaceable filter. There is a filter deep in the injector but no way to remove it. It’s manufactured into the injector. We have been cleaning these in an ultrasonic bath and doing a flush as part of our service. So far we have had no problems with this procedure.

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